Friday, April 4, 2008

Frogs Here. Get Your Frogs Here.

If you ever get a fountain, and it starts croaking, don't assume it isn't a frog...because it is.

Think back to biology class. What do frogs do? No, they don't lay on their backs and hold real still while you slit them down the belly. Well, yes they do, but the live ones lay eggs, which become tadpoles, which grow legs, breathe air and become frogs again. And I have all three. The circle of life, baby, right in my front yard.

I'm also the neighborhood mosquito breeder. I went online to see what mosquito larvae look like. It seems Google Images had its camera in my fountain again! I've got a bazillion blood-red squiggling whacky wormies dancing around in the water. They are indeed baby future mosquitos to be. Did you know mosquito means little fly in Spanish? Would little mosquitos, then, be mosquititos? Forget it, don't bother naming them. Their destiny is in my hands. I plan to harvest them and ship them to Costa Rica. They feed them eco-tourist blood and grow them to the size of pterodactyls and use them in The Costa Rican Air planes.

If anyone wants to save the frogs, or the mosquitos, send a letter. Not to me though.

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