Thursday, August 23, 2012

You Heard it Here First (I told you so)

Did I not predict saltines would be the next big thing? (I did.)

And would you like evidence this is true? (Yes, you would.)
I give you…Round Saltines!

Round Saltines

Thursday, June 28, 2012

This Move is a Real Name Changer

Well lookie there! I changed the name of my blog.

It was named Wild Oats Way until about five minutes ago because I began blogging shortly after I moved to Wild Oats Way, into this beautiful vineyard home in Templeton, California where I now sit.

In about a week, July 6 to be exact, I'll be moving from this paradise to another paradise, both of which are located smack dab in the middle of Lori's Whirled, which as you can see is my blog's new name. I'm moving to Rancho Mirage (near Palm Springs). More on that another day.

It just didn't seem right to keep the Wild Oats Way name anymore. Sadly, my new street name options are poor substitutes. Would you read a blog named US Highway 111? (no)

My other option would be Bing Crosby Road. Seriously, do I want to start this new chapter of life as an infringer of der Bingle? (no)

I chose, instead, to go back to Lori's Whirled, the title of my old column in the Kohn Times: The Holiday Newsletter of the Kohn Family ("all the news that will fit in print") which ran for about 20 years.

Until I can figure out how (or if) I can change the blog's locator--I'm hoping I can point it to a real web site--I suppose we'll still have to go to And by "we" I mean both of us.

If someday you find our favorite blog is gone, try 'loriswhirled' and see if you can find me there.

After the move I promise I'll start blogging more faithfully...unless I blow a writing gasket. I simply have-to-have-to start writing my book! If I don't actually write the damn thing I can't really refer to it as "the book I'm writing" now can I? (no)

You might like to know I have been writing from Lori's Whirled this whole time. Everything that comes out of my head has its origins there--in Lori's Whirled. Enter if you dare. (psst...there be dragons)

See you after the move.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mark my words, The Era of the Saltine is coming.

It's Margarita Day. I know this because just moments ago I received an email from "Just a Pinch" recipe club with a recipe for Margarita Cupcakes. You might be thinking, "eww, gross" or "yummay!" But forget the cupcakes. The worst cupcake you ever ate in your whole life was delicious and you know it. Cupcakes are all the rage now, too. In fact, they have been all the rage for EVER! We just didn't have cupcake shoppes and tv competitions until lately. And by lately I mean for THE LAST FIVE YEARS!

That said, I predict the next food rebirth is going to be the long overdue resurrection of the once lowly saltine. Homemade, store-bought, plain, fancy, with toppings, as toppings, made into little boxes, made into elaborate "gingerbread" houses, cut fancy, cut square, uncut, multi-color, plain white, corner-dipped, enrobed, baked dark and crispy or pale and flaky, seeded, salted, skewered, layered, lacquered and loved by all.

I want to be the first person to say it out loud: Saltines, this is your time! You can do this. Show us what you got. Step aside Ritz. Suck it CheezIts. Tata Triscuits. Milton, if you'll please step aside, it's Saltines' turn now...and for the next five years.

Later, cupcake.