Friday, May 9, 2008

The Sun. Oh God, I Love You

The sun is why Earth is here, why Earth is habitable, why we have air, warmth and light, food and water, day and night. Yes, night. Night is simply us in Earth's shady part. The sun is on the other side. Correction, WE are on the other side.

We humans wouldn't be here if the sun hadn't got here first. And if it goes, we'll have no choice but to go too. In fact, that is exactly what is happening right this minute. The sun is going. It is continually burning...out.

Since the sun is how we measure time and since other than to mark it we have zero control over time, and since the sun seems to be taking its time, going, I think we should show some gratitude while there still IS time, not for the sun's sake, but for our own--so we don't forget how vitally important it is to our very existence.

The sun doesn't need us to worship it, or give thanks to it, or pay homage (or dues) to it. If we curse it, it doesn't get offended. If we block it out of our daily lives it burns on despite us, never to smite us. In terms of life-giving deities, the sun is very low maintenance. The sun is the best "god" ever.

I totally get why the history of man has stories about sun worshippers. Really, I think they had it right. It was the rituals and human sacrifices they messed up on.

Our history also has Earth worshippers. I get that, too, but again, they go too far.

Spirit guides, angels, prophets, saints--we go too far.

The sun is the thing. It's the thing of it all.

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