Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good Day to Say Goodbye to Daisy

Today I sold Miss Daisy. The new owner of this 1971 VW Super Beetle is as happy as I am. For one, I am happy for Miss Daisy because now she won't be neglected. I'm happy for Lisa because she is going to LOVE driving Miss Daisy. And I'm happy for me because now I can buy my Vespa, who until further notice will be named Bruno.

Last night I and a half a million others logged in to Oprah.com to hear Oprah interview Eckhart Tolle about his book "A New Earth". It was the first of 10 classes. The prayer for the server didn't stick, but the video did. I gave up after about 10 minutes of wishful thinking. It's like a DVD that sticks and freezes--you think if you wait a few more minutes it will miraculously clean and repair itself, when you are better off accepting the fact that this is one situation where positive thinking has little effect. Eject. Wipe. Insert. Play. Works every time.

Why Bruno? I am like many women who have "this guy" in there past who affected them deeply in some way and it's almost always a pheromonal thing. As wrong, as bad, as not Mr. Right as he is, he still owns a piece of our hearts and we can't shake the feeling for love or money. 

My first ex-husband told me once that even though he would never do cocaine again, he knew he would always want to. I totally get that. I have no desire to have (the real) Bruno in my life, but like the non-smoker who collects Zippo lighters, I can't give him up entirely. And like the Vespa, he is Italian. Well that's not true, he's American, but his people came from The Old Country, as did a few of mine. I've been to Italy and seen the pitiful crop of men they grow over there. I can only say that our American Italians are superior in quality, and California American Italians are even better. So to honor California, America, Mr. Wrong, The Old Country, and my new Italian scooter, I think the name Bruno is going to stick. 

If you want a piece of Bruno, too, you can buy his wine under the label DiBruno. He is a marvelous winemaker. His woman, Chris, is a winemaker, too. They are perfectly paired.

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