Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome to Wild Oats Way

I was born in 1954. Today I am 54 years old. March 3, 2008 is the beginning of my year. And it would seem it is also the beginning of my blog.

I am reading "A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose" by Eckhart Tolle. Tonight I will be online with hundreds of thousands of other men and women taking the first class in a 10 week course on this book.

If there is a prayer for a server, pray it.

Future blog posts are bound to be on the progress of my awakening to my life's purpose.

Today, cosmos-willing, I will sell my 1971 VW Super Beetle "Miss Daisy" to a woman I met in my past life, in other words, yesterday. When her check clears, I will go to Santa Cruz and buy the Vespa that is calling to me.

Happy Birthday, Dear Lori, Happy Birthday to Me.

I was inspired to start a blog today by Teresa Holladay of MLMs I Love (dot blogspot dot com).

I recently became a distributor of Mona-Vie, the premier acai blend. It is a functional beverage containing a blend of Brazilian acai berries and 18 other fruits, and it is quite delicious. Acai berries are very high in anti-oxidants. I feel like I'm rusting from within, so I'm trying to stop that with Mona-Vie.

I know acai looks like it should be pronounced with two syllables and a K sound, like a lazy version "okay" but actually the c is pronounced with an S sound and the word is a very tidy three syllables [asaˈi]. If I knew how to do it I'd type the c with a cedilla like this: açai. Well lookie there! I just made a good and proper c with a cedilla! (for Mac users, type option + c) (for PC users, type "")

I extend my thanks to Teresa and her blog--high in anti-scamidants. I was able to descamificate Mona-Vie to my own satisfaction. It was disconcerting to see the words Mona-Vie and scam side by side when I first searched it. It was all a big misunderstanding, if by misunderstanding you mean slanderous misinterpretations of the facts by a competitor. No scam to fear here, boss.

To my knowledge, neither anti-scamidant nor descamificate are real words. I am an uncertified, unlicensed, amateur "wordametologist" however. That is to say, I "make up" words. (hyuck, snort, get it?) My apologies to the linguistic puristas out there. Here's another one that'll curl your hair: A cosmologist studies the make up of the universe. I first heard that from a woman who had been working to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. My girl friend Francesca made up wordametologist. You will hear more about her in future posts.

I read Teresa's evaluation of Mona-Vie's parent company, Monarch Industries. She gave them a good review, and I trust her judgement. Thank you, Teresa, for helping me with that, and also for inspiring me to launch myself into the blogosphere today.

Why "Wild Oats Way" for a blog name? Well, I'll tell you. I own a vineyard. A real small estate vineyard. It is called Wild Oats Estate Vineyard because Wild Oats Real Small Estate Vineyard was unwieldy. I also like the message "wild oats" conveys. It is, unfortunately, confused with wild oaks when spoken, and wild cats when I'm not careful with my hand writing. I can see neither being a problem here.

Speaking of names, when Miss Daisy sells and I buy my new Vespa, I'll need a name for him. Due to the fact that it's sexy, Italian and you ride it between your legs I'm guessing about the him part. Then again, it's coming from Santa Cruz, so I could be off by an entire gender. It is metallic white and has a red leather seat. If you would like to help me name "him" feel free to suggest away. I'll start everyone off with this suggestion: Bruno. Your turn.

Lori Oliver (Kohn)

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