Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The 9,007th Day

How do I say this? I am...um, er...single again. Dissolution, divorce, bifurcation...the legal terms are too harsh and too real, but the word "single" has an innocence about it. Virgins are single. Young people are single. Nuns are single.

This afternoon I found out that I have been single since February 16, 2010, one week ago today. Thank god the judge didn't stamp the document two days earlier. Had she, I would have had to live with a permanent, mental link to what would have been my second most brutal Valentine's Day ever. As much as I would LOVE to tell you about the first-most brutal Valentine's Day, I'm not going there. Let's just say February is historically a rough month for me.

What surprised me is that I cried when I read the email, but I'm kind of glad I did. I would hate to be the kind of person who would NOT cry at the end of a marriage that lasted 9006 days. Another thing that surprised me is how quickly I snapped out of it. You have to understand, though, this whole divorce process has been about as exciting as watching paint dry--especially if you're talking about the kind of paint that takes four years to dry.

Only the end-end-end came suddenly, in part because it left the building without saying goodbye-- much like the marriage.

Here's a funny story--my first divorce paper has a typographical error, Dave and I were divorced "...in The Untied States of America." It was a small but unfortunate mistake--much like the marriage.

Now we move on. But not now. And not we. A move, maybe. On for sure.

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