Monday, February 15, 2010

Product Idea Could Sell Millions!

What a great idea! I think this is the big one that will make us all millions!

It's a plastic lined paper bag that you wear around your neck when you are reading the Singles Wanted ads on Craigs List.

After reading a dozen or more posts from horny, hard up, jobless, narcissists you are bound to hurl, but thanks to this bag you won't mess up your robe.

When people call the 800 number to order the "Gag Bagger" we'll offer them today's special--the "Wrist Razor Guard". It prevents you from accidentally on purpose slitting your wrists when you realize the Men Seeking Women who post things like "I'm jobless, no car, but 420 friendly" aren't remotely interested in you because you are not <27. I'm not sure if that's age, pounds or IQ, the point of course being this tang-seeker is just not remotely interested in you!

But wait, there's more! Act by midnight tonight and we'll throw in our special "Sight Savers" absolutely free. Sight Savers have a special lens that prevents you from seeing photos of tatooed genitalia, headless six packs, beard pride, and more.

Our R&D department is working on a Spelling Translator that turns ordinary MSW speak into English. Turn this: "u don't need a creditcard or jump through hoops just reply I no how 2treat a gurl rit" into this: "I will need the cash up front if you want me to do you."

You think I'm joking. Check out Craigslist PostingID: 1601940799.

I am joking about the products, but seriously, if I put this blog entry as an ad on Craigs List, I will get orders.

Dare me.

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